Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut Provides Tips to Help Children Prepare For a New School Year

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut is the founder of Acheivers Continuously Exploring Youth Project, Inc. He is a strong believer in education and teaching our children to be successful by providing them with the right tools to succeed. In many parts of the United States, this new school year will be quite different from years past. Thanks to COVID-19, many students have been out of the classroom for over a year, and they are just now finally going back. Here are some tips that can help your children prepare for this transition back to school and to prepare them to have a great year.

Damian Humphrey Explains the Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut says that a lack of sleep is one of the things that can be detrimental to your child’s health, growth, and education. When school is not in session, many children, especially teenagers, tend to stay up late. As the start date for school nears, you should start ensuring your child goes to bed earlier and wakes up earlier. This will make it easier for your child to be ready and awake for the first day of school. From there, ensure your child gets to bed and gets at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut Says Attending Orientations Can Be Helpful

Damian Humphrey says that many schools offer orientations to help you get acquainted with the school and your new teacher. Many parents skip this, especially if the child has gone to the school in the past. However, this year, orientation is important. You and your child can learn what the school requirements are for masks, sanitizing spaces, and social distancing. Your child can also meet the teacher and other students who will be in the classroom.

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut States Setting Up a Routine Is Important

Damian Humphrey says that the final tip to help prepare your child for a new school year is to set up a routine. You want your child to have a morning routine for getting up, eating breakfast, and getting ready for school, as well as an after-school or evening routine of doing homework, getting help the child may need with school work, and talking about the child’s day at school. Setting up a healthy routine helps ensure everything gets done, without the child rushing or feeling unprepared.

Mr. Humphrey, the founder of Acheivers Continuously Exploring Youth Project, Inc. is a socio-educational entrepreneur who is working hard to help students excel and learn in school. He believes that with the right tools, support systems, and educators, all students can succeed and get the education that they deserve. One of the ways that you can help your child is by preparing them for a new school and starting the year off on the right track.

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